Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Victoria Day - Canadians

When I was in grade school we were taught a rhyme : The 24th of May, the Queen's Birthday, if we don't get a holiday we'll all run away. The 'Queen' of the rhyme was of course, Queen Victoria, but to make it easier for everybody (and more pleasant) the holiday was moved to the Monday closest to May 24th so we can all enjoy a long weekend. Of course that only applies to those who are not self-employed. For some reason we never seem to 'remember' that weekends are supposed to be for goofing off. Well, maybe not exactly 'goofing off' but - relaxing. OK, so what is  more relaxing than making a quilt? That's what I'm doing this Victoria Day - oh, and getting ready to fly to Toronto. 

I've also been going through my photos and found some more good ones from Quilt Market in Salt Lake City - 

I bumped into Brenda Miller and her friend, Lisa Hill in the airport in SLC and we shared a shuttle to our hotel. Brenda and Lisa got to witness the hilarious sight of me chasing the aforementioned shuttle as it drove away from our hotel with one of our suitcases still on top. The driver had removed the bungee cords holding the bag down, then went to the back of the van to take the other bags out. After emptying the back he assumed he was finished so he started to drive away. Fortunately I saw the bag on top and yelled at the driver - he didn't hear me - so I started running - and screaming - after him. When he got to the curb he had to stop or I'd never have caught him. After I banged on the rear window he got out and I just pointed to the top of his van. I would love to have a video of the whole thing - it was amusing after the fact. At the time all I could think of was 'will he notice it if it falls off? The people coming out of the hotel who witnessed the whole thing gave me a round of applause for my efforts.  

A much more relaxed meeting took place with Brenda and Lisa in Brenda's booth at Market.  That's Brenda on the right and the name of her company is Among Brenda's Quilts. Brenda is from  Strathroy, ON. 

One of the fun things we did in SLC was participate in an Aurifil Thread commercial. Jodie Davis from QNN filmed a number of us catching a large cone of thread that was thrown from off camera. We were to catch it, say what we love about Aurifil Thread, then throw the cone to somebody else - also off camera. In this picture we have the 'pitcher' - Alex Veronelli, I'm the catcher, and some of the infielders are Linda Pumphrey in the pink t-shirt, and Jodie with her back to the camera.

The filming took place in the AccuQuilt booth and I have some exciting news about AccuQuilt and me. I get to appear on The Shopping Channel -  demonstrating how wonderful the Baby Go is. It will be shot in Mississauga, Ontario and shown live on May 31st at 12:00 noon, 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. - all Eastern Daylight Time. You can watch it on The Shopping Channel in Canada or online anywhere. I'm looking forward to it and urge you to watch and buy your very own Go Baby and the very useful dies that are also being offered. I'm sure the prices will be very appealing. 

So, back to packing - and then I plan to sit in the greenhouse and enjoy happy hour with my DH. Happy Victoria Day all you Canadians.

Sharon Pederson

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