Saturday, May 7, 2011

3D Sunflower Block Pattern

Hi Quilting Friends,
As promised the link for the instructions for the 3D Sunflower Block is below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Blog Tour. I loved all your comments and had a great time reading them and answering questions. I have really enjoyed working on the Rose of Sharon projects and I continue to develop new blocks, patterns, and projects. The possibilities are limitless.

The title of my book and DVD, Machine Appliqué for the Terrified Quilter really says it all. For those of you who have been afraid to try appliqué, I have included some photos of my "class" with Elizabeth's grandchildren, Sonny and Greta, as they put their  Mother's Day Rose of Sharon block together. I have to tell you, it really is child's play.

Greta and Sonny had a great day preparing their fused blocks and even did the pressing when they were finished. I can't post the finished blocks until Mother's Day as their Mom, Sarah, is a blog follower and I have been sworn to secrecy.

Tune in tomorrow to see what they did - and then you'll have to ask yourself why you are 'terrified' to try appliqué. 


  1. Thank you so much! I LOVE this block!

  2. The kids are adorable. Thanks you so much for sharing the sunflower pattern. I love it.

  3. the sunflower looks easy--famous last words!!
    What sweet little students you have--can't wait to see what they've created☺

  4. Thank you so much Sharon for the pattern. The kids look like they are having a lot of fun. My husband just surprised me with an Accuquilt Go cutter this past week and the Rose of Sharon is my first one I want.

  5. Thanks Maria, Cathy, Duff, and Vicki for your kind words about the block and Elizabeth thanks you for the compliments about her grandkids. They are sweethearts and because my grandkids are too far away to play with I love having Greta and Sonny close by. Sonny was very single minded about where the leaves were going to be placed and creating a family of bees. Greta loved the little angel wallhanging which was up on our wall but hers had to have straight hair - purple as it turns out. Why not I ask. Nobody has told them there are rules and so they just went for it. Would that we could all approach our art with that same sense of freedom.