Friday, February 18, 2011

Busman's Holiday

Well, I might have had to forego the pleasure of a trip to Vancouver with my Best Friend, but before the snow ruined my little holiday I did manage another delightful experience. A visit to the Campbell River Friendship Quilters' Guild meeting - a bit of a 'Busman's Holiday' for a quilt teacher.

My favourite part of any guild meeting is Show and Tell, and we saw some great quilts I'd like to share with you. Elizabeth was the designated photographer and the pictures just arrived so I got to enjoy seeing the quilts all over again. Elizabeth - my partner at Nine Patch Media - and I were invited to show the Rose of Sharon quilts and it was a particular pleasure for me as I was present at the inaugural meeting of the guild 10 or 12 years ago. As their name implies, they are a very friendly bunch and I always enjoy visiting.

As it was the February meeting there was a Valentine theme to Show and Tell - which I'm sure you'll enjoy

It's not hard to spot the hearts on this beauty...

But these are a bit more subtle - to be honest I didn't spot the
hearts until Elizabeth pointed them out to me.

Apparently the request was to bring a quilt with red in it - and there's no doubt about this one!

And, what could be better than red celtic knots?

Every guild has its over-achievers and here's one from Campbell River - not only did she have two quilts for show and tell they were both Queen sized !!! And, they both have red in them.

We had such fun showing our Campbell River friends all of the Rose of Sharon goodies, the book, DVD, stencils, gift cards, etc. etc. and I hope they enjoyed seeing them as much as we enjoyed the terrific Show and Tell.

I hope you enjoy it too.

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